Alliance To Halt Fermi 3 is a 501C3 (tax-exempt) oganization. That is, donations are tax-deductible. We do not endorse candidates or ballot issues. You can download our bylaws and our membership form. Both individuals and organizations can be members.

We will hold public meetings in conjunction with allied community groups; make videos, speakers, printed materials and presentations available; and attempt to educate the public and political leaders by way of the press, letters from individuals and anything in between we can think of. We support clean energy, sustainable jobs and non-violent resistance to nuclear power.

Contact us at:

ATHF3, P. O. Box 511001, Livonia, MI 48151

The 2016 Board of Alliance to Halt Fermi 3 is:

Chair Carol Izant


Chair Keith Gunter
734-425-0120 keith.gunter9@gmail.com
Call or email for a presentation to your congregation or community group.

Treasurer Gloria Scicli

Secretary open seat

Membership & Web Site Lou Novak

Legal David Schonberger