What’s Wrong with Nuclear Energy?

(Originally published March 5, 2016 on https://athf3.wordpress.com/)

  • Nuclear energy is clean – except for radioactive leaks and radioactive waste.
  • Nuclear energy is safe – except for “normal” radioactive releases and the occasional overwhelming catastrophe.
  • Nuclear energy is cheap – except for electric power customers who must pay for it.
  • Nuclear energy is profitable – except for governments that heavily subsidize it.

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Don’t Nuke Michigan …

(Originally published February 8, 2016 on https://athf3.wordpress.com/)

… and Ontario and Lake Huron and Lake Erie and all the rest downstream. This article, by Kevin Kamps, the keynote speaker at Alliance To Halt Fermi 3’s annual meeting yesterday, spells the issue out in detail:

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Absurd as it is …

(Originally published January 19, 2016 on https://athf3.wordpress.com/)

… radionuclides – radioactive isotopes, many of which are water-soluble – are not officially considered “chemicals of concern” by agencies that are supposed to watch over water quality in the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes are surronded by numerous nuclear power plants which create large quantities of intensely harmful isotopes in their reactor cores. An accident like Fukushima could dump large quantities into the Great Lakes. “Normal” reactor operations regularly dump smaller quantities. Continue reading “Absurd as it is …”

Radionuclides as a Chemical of Mutual Concern in the Great Lakes Basin

(Originally published January 17, 2016 on https://athf3.wordpress.com/)

Prepared for Canadian Environmental Law Association
Prepared by John Jackson
January 2016

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Fe de Leon, Theresa McClenaghan, and Anna Tilman for their assistance in writing this paper and to Andrew Pickles and Tracy Tucker for final production of the report.- The Canadian Environmental Law Association would like to recognize the support of the Salamander Foundation, Legal Aid Ontario and the Resource Library for the Environment and the Law. Continue reading “Radionuclides as a Chemical of Mutual Concern in the Great Lakes Basin”

The Nesbitt Energy Bill

(Originally published December 6, 2015 on https://athf3.wordpress.com/)

If you live in Michigan, you may have gotten in the mail a big, slick and ominous-looking flyer asserting that the Nesbitt Energy Bill in the Michigan Legislature will solve “Michigan’s looming energy shortfall.” You may have seen television ads promoting the same idea. Continue reading “The Nesbitt Energy Bill”

Morally Bankrupt Regulators

(Originally published September 8, 2015 on https://athf3.wordpress.com/)


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