By Keith Gunter

Before Fukushima, before Chernobyl, before Three Mile Island, there is the legendary story of Fermi-1: “We Almost Lost Detroit.” It was the title of the popular nuclear power primer by John Fuller and the classic and famous anti-nuclear anthem by the late Gil-Scott Heron.

On October 5, 1966, the Fermi-1 experimental fast breeder reactor (designed to produce plutonium) suffered a partial meltdown when a piece of zirconium plating became dislodged by the flow of the reactor’s liquid sodium coolant. The melting of the highly-enriched uranium fuel was an extremely precarious situation and it would be nearly nine years before the harrowing story would be made public in Fuller’s account. Continue reading “FERMI-1 AT 50: ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN”

When We Almost Lost Detroit

On Wednesday, October 5 of 2016, Alliance To Halt Fermi 3 will hold a press conferenceĀ in Monroe, MI to commemorate the 50th anniversary of our close escape from widespread disaster. In the evening, we will present several speakersĀ on issues of nuclear power at University of Detroit Mercy. See our Calendar for details.

Southeast Michigan nearly had its own Chernobyl before Chernobyl; its own Three Mile Island before Three Mile Island. 50 years ago, the Fermi 1 reactor near Monroe had a meltdown. It’s still not completely decommissioned. Continue reading “When We Almost Lost Detroit”