Got KI?

The “GOT KI?” campaign is a joint effort of Beyond Nuclear and ATHF3 which began in 2015. The primary objective is to provide awareness and education to the public of potassium iodide (KI) as an effective protection to the thyroid gland from exposure to cancer-causing radioactive iodine (I-131), likely to be released during a nuclear accident.

The campaign seeks to assure availability of KI for all residents within the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) of southeast Michigan’s nuclear power plant, Fermi 2. Studies have shown that the current KI distribution program in Michigan leaves large numbers of the population within the EPZ unprotected.

The campaign is comprised of volunteers from across the region who have come together to engage with residents through:

  • Door-to-door canvassing, sharing information about the current KI distribution program in place and steps that can be taken to improve its availability to all populations at risk. Information from the County Department of Health Emergency Planning Pamphlet, the Centers for Disease Control, the American Thyroid Association and the American Medical Association is utilized.
  • Community forums in which medical professionals, public health officials, and community leaders/organizations serving the public are invited to participate.

Monroe Forum 2016

Here is the Monroe news article about the August 20 Forum.


For information about how you and/or your organization can be involved in the campaign, contact:

Ethyl Rivera, Campaign Coordinator at:

Or, sign up as a campaign volunteer using our online form.


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