Don’t Nuke Michigan …

(Originally published February 8, 2016 on

… and Ontario and Lake Huron and Lake Erie and all the rest downstream. This article, by Kevin Kamps, the keynote speaker at Alliance To Halt Fermi 3’s annual meeting yesterday, spells the issue out in detail:

Shortly after this note was posted here, Kevin kamps wrote:

Thanks for sharing my CounterPunch article, Art.

If folks are interested, here are some related links: (What you can do to help stop the Canadian Great Lakes nuke waste dump)

A post about my presentation in Port Huron on Feb. 2, in opposition to the dump — including a link to my Powerpoint presentation:

A Feb. 1st Thom Hartmann “The Big Picture” t.v. interview that was prompted by my CounterPunch article:

And all of our posts about the Canadian dump, and other Canadian nuclear issues, are posted here:



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