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Alliance to Halt Fermi 3

See our “Events” page for ATHF3′s Annual Meeting, Dec. 7, 2014

Regional conference, registration required

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 7-9

Antioch College
795 Livermore St
Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387

Event organized by Community Solutions
See for agenda & registration.

Local meeting, public invited

Tuesday, November 11, 7:00 pm

Citizens for Peace Meeting
Livonia Unity Church
28660 Five Mile Road
Livonia, MI

Katherine Philipson, Network Building Associate for Friends Committee on National Legislation, will lead a discussion on the power of networking. All activists in and representatives of organizations working for peace and justice are invited to join the discussion.

National meeting, registration required

Friday – Monday, November 14-17

The National 4-H Youth Conference Center
7100 Connecticut Avenue
Chevy Chase, MD

This summit is exclusively for activists working to end nuclear power and all of its related industries. This includes Sierra Club members and all those interested in ending nuclear power and dealing properly with radioactive waste.


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Detroit Edison’s license to operate Fermi 2 will expire in 2025. They are applying to extend the term of this license for an additional 20 years. We think this is a terrible idea. For more on this topic, see

Detroit Edison thought they were done with the requirement to produce an environmental impact statement for their proposed Fermi 3 nuclear power plant. They were wrong. The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (ASLB) ruled early in July of 2014 that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the 29 mile electrical transmission corridor from the proposed Fermi 3 to Milan, MI will be required.

Detroit Edison’s proposed 29 mile by 300-foot-wide transmission line corridor would cross nearly 11 miles of previously undeveloped land, including wetlands, grasslands, and forests that threatened and endangered species also call home. However, there is no mitigation plan whatsoever for this habitat loss.

Click here to download the detailed press release from Beyond Nuclear.

Or, see some commentary from an ATHF3 board member:

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Fermi 2 Hearing for Relicensing
November 20, 9:30 to 4:00
Monroe County Courthouse, 125 E. Second Street, Monroe, MI.

Pack the Courtroom!!  Open to the Public

Oral Argument before the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel (ASLB Panel) of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Oral argument (procedural hearing) on contention admissibility (Petition to Intervene and Request for a Public Hearing on DTE Electric Co.’s License Renewal Application for the Fermi 2 nuclear reactor) will be held on Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, beginning at 9:30 a.m. and concluding no later than 4:00 p.m.

The argument will take place in the Board of Commissioners Chambers located on the first floor of the Monroe County Courthouse, 125 E. Second Street, Monroe, MI. There will be no signs or demonstrations allowed in the hearing room, and no one may participate in the oral argument except the designated representatives of each party (the Petitioners, the Applicant (DTE), and the NRC Staff).

Joint Petitioners:
Don’t Waste Michigan (DWM)
Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario (CEA)
Beyond Nuclear (BN)

Citizens’ Resistance at Fermi 2 (CRAFT)

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Our billboard at Michigan & Trumbull:


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And here’s our latest recommended article, “Fukushima’s Children Are Dying”:

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We, the undersigned, do not want the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to issue a license to DTE Energy for construction of their proposed Fermi 3 nuclear reactor.

You can sign online or, if you want to circulate a paper version, download a printable form. In the online petition, your email address and phone number are optional entries. We hope you will fill in these lines so we can contact you for future events.

Click here for the online petition.

Summary of the problem

Detroit Edison wants to build a new nuclear power plant, Fermi 3, next to Fermi 1 and Fermi 2. Nuclear power plants were dangerous and expensive in the 20th Century. Now that we have experienced meltdowns at Fermi 1 (1966, 1 reactor), Three Mile Island (1979, 1 reactor), Chernobyl (1986, 1 reactor) and Fukushima (2011, 3 reactors), we should better understand just how dangerous they are.

Fermi 3 is planned as a new, untried design. Construction is estimated to cost upwards of $15 Billion. Billions of “unexpected” additional costs are to be expected. Building it next to Fermi 2 will make both reactors less safe – and Fermi 2 is the world’s largest example of the GE Mark 1 containment, exactly the design that failed multiple times at Fukushima. Finally, The electricity from Fermi 3 is simply not needed in Michigan.

For these reasons, the Alliance to Halt Fermi 3 is opposed to building Fermi 3, and we believe Fermi 2 should be shut down before it melts down. We will hold public meetings in conjunction with allied community groups; make videos, speakers, printed materials and presentations available; and attempt to educate the public and political leaders by way of the press, letters from individuals and any other lawful actions we can think of.

We support clean energy, sustainable jobs and non-violent resistance to nuclear power. Here on the website, you’ll find upcoming events, print-your own leaflets, a way to sign up for our newsletter, and much more. We hope you will think it over and join us, or at least donate to the effort.

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Download a copy of our bylaws:  ATHF3 Bylaws